Instead of choosing a word of the year, I’m choosing a word for LIFE.


What’s my word of the year for 2019?

When it comes to “words of the year”, I don’t usually choose one but this year is different. This word popped into my head the moment I gave it some space…and it was still in my head the next day, and the next, so I knew there must be something to it. When I thought more about it, I realized this word has always been there—sometimes quiet, barely there. Other times it has fiercely driven the core of who I am and how I do life and business.

This year, and hopefully throughout my life, PERSIST is the word I choose.

It defines what I’ve done well in the past. On the flip side, I can see where my neglect of it at times left me short of my full potential. It’s a full circle of powerful steps, progress, and the staggering backward all the way down to shaky wobbly baby steps and valuable lessons learned.


It’s the word that reminds me to keep going, no matter how tough it is or how unmotivated I feel. It’s the word that challenged me through tough life stuff so I could come through the other side more whole, more the person I was meant to be. As I think of the goals and big things I’m envisioning for myself, my business, and my family, simply showing up every day and taking the right actions will make all the difference. For this word, and all its meanings and ways of showing up in my life, I am grateful.

What’s your word of the year (or perhaps the word of your life)? Leave a reply in the comments below.

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