Branding 20/20

Branding 20/20
Logo and identity design

Times2studio’s signature process, Branding 20/20 gets to the core of what your identity needs to communicate to your ideal customer so you can confidently sell your products and services.

We’ll work with you to create a clear picture of your ideal customer and what it takes to connect with them in a meaningful, authentic way. Once the lens becomes focused on that customer, we can then work on building targeted, effective visuals.

How it works…

The words “identity” and “branding” can seem overwhelming, but this process is actually really fun and full of wonderful possibilities! It’s all about shaping your image to take on a momentum all its own. Your “brand” becomes a sale-crushing machine that truly helps people and changes lives through your products and services. Pretty cool, right?

The people you are meant to serve are the ones you build your identity and brand for. They’re the loyal followers, the “groupies” if you will. So, in order to reach those folks, you need to understand them—what are their hopes, desires, dreams? What are their pain points and problems? How can you help them to overcome their challenges? This same approach applies whether you’re selling an ice cream cone or a high-end consulting service. It’s all about connecting in a meaningful way with the right customer.


The Branding 20/20 experience achieves:

  • Pride and confidence in your identity materials
  • Tools to effectively/confidently show off your brand
  • Focus around your ideal customer so you can connect with them
  • Know how to use design terminology to push your brand forward  OR
  • Remove the mystery from the mumbo-jumbo terminology surrounding getting things printed so you can make sure you’re getting the right product for the right goal (What the heck is bleed, anyway?)

Is this right for me?

How long will it take?

How much effort will I need to contribute?

What do I get at the end?


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