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• Extensive experience with non-profit organizations and conservation entities

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Rebrand: Missoula County

Missoula County was ready for an updated look and more clear representation of their community values.

  • The new logo design was inspired by the ornate, interior dome of the Missoula County Courthouse.
  • The shapes and arrows signify many facets working together toward a common goal: to serve the residents of Missoula County well.
  • Colors are confident, evoke warmth, and remind us of the water and landscapes that comprise beautiful Missoula County.

Nonprofit: The Converge Foundation

The Converge Foundation

Far more than spearheading a community gathering space, Converge seeks to improve lives through facilitating discovery, creativity, and in-person communion. When we’re connected and curious, we’re healthy!

  • Imperfect, diverse shapes encircle and merge around a common center eluding to inclusion, safety, and community

  • The mosaic visual approach embodies creativity in an abstract but familiar art form

  • Coloring and positioning of mosaic
    “tiles” create inspiring movement

  • Type is clean and professional, juxtaposing the artistry and playfulness of the mark

Rename/Rebrand: Ferguson & Coppes PLLC

This established firm embarked upon an exciting partnership change and, therefore, a name change from Ferguson Law Office PLLC to Ferguson & Coppes PLLC, A Natural Resource Law Firm.

  • The new logo signifies interlocking water and landscape in a simple design with a nod to landowners and ranch brands—the Montana clients they serve

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