Missoula Center for the Performing Arts (MCT)

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MCT: A bright new identity for a far-reaching nonprofit.

MCT Center for the Performing Arts in Missoula, Montana brings theater to the world, quite literally. They provide exceptional community theater and a unique program for kids that travels to schools and venues all over the world (all 50 states and 15 countries), allowing local children to get involved and even perform in a play in their own community.

MCT, in existence since 1970, grew into a multi-faceted organization—a rebrand and new identity system were needed to update their look and convey their distinct offerings. times2studio learned about MCT’s history, audiences, and culture to develop design objectives that would best serve the organization. Through the discovery process, goals emerged: engage the community, bring in new participants, and generate funds to keep running MCT’s successful programs. The new look needed to be friendly, approachable, professional, and portray the energy and excitement of MCT.

The resulting identity system is full of life and color, translating the bold, engaging MCT personality to ink, paper, and screen. The new look is loved by the community and the staff of MCT. The bright colors, bold headlines, and fun illustrations give people a solid dose of the energy and culture of MCT and beckons them to become a part of it. The very well-received new look was carried across all of the organization’s communications including donor materials, banner stand, trade show display, multiple supplemental brochures, and even to the home office’s hallway graphics and decor.

I have had the privilege of working with times2studio for more than three years. It has been a pleasure every step of the way. Starting with a branding overhaul and new logos, to multiple brochures, conference displays, and more. They approach each project with an open mind, a thorough review of the project scope, goal, budget, and timeline. They hit it out of the park every time, leaving me in awe and excited to begin the next project.

—Jonna Michelson, Marketing Director, MCT Center for the Performing Arts

MCT Brochure
Compelling, colorful photography portrays the energy and excitement of MCT
Bold, engaging headlines highlight key messages
MCT Logos
Logo family provides a unique look to each facet of MCT
MCT The Tour Banner Stand
Portable roll-up banner used to recruit talent for MCT’s “The Tour” (traveling theatre program)