The look and messaging you’re putting out in the world is a big deal—it’s what connects you with the right customers. We see where you are and listen to where you want to go. Then we develop a clear plan of action and create work that inspires customers to take notice.

To run your business successfully, you need:
• Confidence and pride in your identity materials
• Tools to show off your business and get it noticed
• Laser focus on your ideal customers, so you can connect with them

We partner with businesses in three ways:

1) On-going creative & marketing services customized to your needs

Partner with us for a go-to solution you can rely on

2) Project-by-project commissions

Perfect when you need a specific project(s) completed on time and on budget

3) Creative collaboration with other marketing and design professionals

Think of us as a helping hand (and brain) for kindred creatives



Create your foundational graphics—a solid visual platform to grow your business.



Ensure your brand personality and messaging are working consistently for you.

Who is times2studio?

T2S (times2studio) is a small and mighty team. At our core are two creatives and one project coordinator. We think staying small is what makes working with us so simple and refreshing. We frequently reach out to strategic partners on a need-by-need basis to achieve specific client results.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with marketing agencies, in-house design teams, exhibit companies, and directly with businesses and non-profits. We help you solve your messaging challenges and extend your look to all visual aspects of your business. It’s design that works.

Meet Amy



Your first point of contact at T2S is Amy. She’ll see that your project gets off to a strong start. Her keen intuition for impactful design and obsession with customer service make her a treasure to know and work alongside. Amy is a detailed problem-solver who embraces design and marketing challenges that test her creative instincts.

Education: BA in Graphic Design from Montana State University


Branding, creative strategy. Seeing other small businesses succeed is one of Amy’s passions. She believes that with the right messaging—and the creative to back it up—businesses can increase their reach and achieve their business goals.

Exhibit, museum and trade show signage. Once upon a time in Portland, Oregon, Amy learned the ins and outs of corporate branding processes with trade show clients that included biggies like Microsoft, Cisco Systems Inc. and Avid. On the softer side of the spectrum, she’s created educational and engaging graphics for dozens of national and state parks, visitor centers and museums. She loves highlighting the beauty found in our stunning country. Not to mention, looking at photos of wildlife and landscapes all day isn’t so bad!

Technical communications, infographics. Since 2005, Amy has distinguished herself by developing high-performance business and technical communications. These training materials have spurred efficient, money-saving internal processes for large companies with multiple departments, while meeting environmental and safety benchmarks with design flair.

Current Loves

The perfect Americano, wine, creative cooking and craft cocktails, jumping on the trampoline with her twin boys, soaking up nature’s details

Meet Todd


Todd Farrell has a refined eye for powerful visual solutions. A master at wrangling chaos into clarity, Todd’s inherent practicality serves him well as a “visual problem solver.” He distills complex concepts, processes and functional relationships into meaningful graphics.

Education: BA in Graphic Design from Montana State University


Music merchandising. Designing packaging, labels, catalogs and point-of-purchase displays for a music distributor in the Northwest, Todd learned the ins and outs of unique production methods and developed brands for start-up music labels.
Nonprofits. In Montana, before finding his home at times2studio, Todd entered the advertising/marketing arena as an art director for a Missoula-based agency where he created work for nonprofits like Camp-Mak-a-Dream and Watson Children’s Shelter. His creative and production skills were further honed by designing catalogs, publications, packaging, ad campaigns and more for Community Medical Center, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Sun Mountain Sports, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Glacier Country tourism commission.

Current Loves

Macro photography, single-malt Scotch, corny jokes and growing an epic beard

The story behind the studio…

We get a lot of questions about the origin of the times2studio name. Co-founders Todd and Amy met in college and have continued to journey through life and business together in two meaningful places—first Portland, Oregon, and now beautiful Missoula, Montana. They share their lives with two inquisitive identical twin boys (now 15 years old). Hence, the number “2” holds heartfelt significance. For Todd and Amy, fulfillment comes from spending time with family and doing the important work of helping other businesses reach their goals through inspiring design. (Photo by Shannon Edney.)

Before times2studio, there was Amy Farrell Graphic Design, a freelance studio started in 2001, with Amy as the sole designer. Todd joined Amy to form times2studio in 2010. Since then, the two have combined their distinct areas of expertise and (sometimes opposite) perspectives into work that drives solid results for their clients.

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