X Overland

Expedition Overland Sales Kit by times2studio

X Overland: Storytelling at its finest.

A docu-reality series following a group of overlanders on their journeys across states, countries, and continents, X Overland (XO) joins an intense love for adventure with breathtaking photography, cinematography, and storytelling. The scenery and stories portrayed have captivated an impressive fan following in just two seasons.

With their primary revenue provided by sponsors, XO needed an effective method for attracting the right sponsors.

times2studio develops annual sales brochures to present the X Overland brand to potential sponsors. The highly visual pages include spectacular images from the show’s journeys, with special attention focused on sponsor-provided products. The design succeeds in bringing the feelings of excitement for travel and overland adventure to the forefront. Further brand outreach includes creation of the ever-popular, collectible custom-illustrated patches, trading cards, posters and wearable merchandise. New sub-brands such as Junior Overlander and Overlander (the series) are on the horizon with times2studio driving the creative for these new ventures.

times2studio has played a key role in developing our brand and vision into who X Overland is. Without them, we would not be where we are today. We consistently hear compliments from our partners and fans about the professionalism and quality of our visuals. Amy is on top of our deadlines and brainstorming sessions, offering ideas and strategies. Along with our YouTube banners, and video thumbnails, Todd takes our merchandising ideas and turns them into sellable products that bring in another stream of revenue that keeps our show going. Together, they make an incredible team and we are thrilled to continue using them for all of our design needs. I would highly recommend them, and do frequently, for anyone needing quality work.

—Rachelle Croft, Co-Founder of X Overland, Owner of Hiline Productions LLC

Expedition Overland patches
Custom-designed patches (a hot collector’s item for overlanders)
Poster collection designed to commemorate each season of Expedition Overland
Expedition Overland Sales Kit | Ad Packet
Annual sponsorship brochure