Oregon Capitol History Gateway

Oregon Capitol History Gateway: Effecting positive change.

A general apathy and decrease in visitors to the Capitol in Salem, Oregon was noted and the Oregon Capitol History Gateway project was born and made possible through the Oregon State Capitol Foundation. Alchemy of Design of Portland, Oregon designed the structures and messaging and asked times2studio to get involved to create the graphics.

Increase visitorship to the Capitol to engage, educate and inspire Oregon residents (and visitors to the state), young and old, to take notice and get involved in their government.

Phase I of the project created educational window displays with both printed and three-dimensional items serving to educate visitors on how ordinary citizens got involved to effect positive change. Phase II produced several interactive kiosks, banners, signage and printed brochures to help visitors navigate the capitol grounds and learn something along the way. The dynamic, colorful designs and statuesque displays can’t be missed and have inspired increased government involvement all over the state.

One pod in a series of exhibit panel pods encouraging people to take action and use their voice to affect change.
Highlighting the importance of making your voice heard through historic visuals and a voting interactive
This pod highlights laws passed through the acts of citizen involvement.

A series of brochures and helpful publications was developed to help visitors navigate the Capitol grounds and exhibits and get the most out of their visit.